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Web Buster UK Ltd has been awarded Best Web Design Company in North Yorkshire 2018.

Websites often need videos or as we often call them infomercials.  An infomercial is a short video promoting your product or service.  We have professional videographers who will visit to take relevant videos for the website.  They will then edit the videos to make the infomercial, clip or film.  If you have any previous material that is not copyright, they may be able to incorporate this.  Once the plan is made for the website, the designer will speak to the both you and the videographer to ensure the correct footage is taken.  We use full HD, Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, Chroma Key, Enhanced video cameras and cutting-edge editing software to make your material come to life.

If the video requires models, for examples, a clothing shop has clothes to be worn, a takeaway pizza needs someone eating pizza, a garage needs a few people in overalls fixing cars, a restaurant needs a family eating at the table or a hotel needs guest checking in or a manager greeting guests, the videographer will also attend to take the footage.