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Social Networking Sites

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These sites are similar to Facebook, dating sites, hobbies and interest sites etc. They allow users/customers to log in and create profiles. Often a monthly subscription is payable which is on direct debit in exchange for using the premium facilities on the site. Some sites do not charge a monthly fee but have a shop where merchandise can be purchased and some sites have both. These sites allow the user to retrieve a lost username or password without the need to contact you.  They can upload photos or videos into their profile and chat with other members of your Social Network if you permit it.

A user can sign in by registering or using their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube account etc and more. They can link to their other social network and integrate. The site includes instant messaging, chat rooms, fully email system that links to your phone, tablet, additional webmail or desktop mail. You can have forums, advertising space, selling price, bidding etc. You can search users, become friends and have cloud storage for each customer to upload files.

You can create and set various levels of access (such as moderators, group leaders, mentors., managers, staff etc), each with their own access levels. This is useful when you want to limit what each group of members can do on your social networking site as well as hide certain content from a specific group or groups. For example, you may want to limit some functionality of your website to only paying members, while free members still get access to basic features.

This is a great way of bringing a group of car enthusiasts, dating site, clubs, and groups of people worldwide together.  However, it can also be used by garages to customers to check when their next service will be or when parts have been fitted to their car and when.  A hotel site to show when people had stayed and why their preferred quality of a room was.  A fast food place to allow customers to log in and order online, review their purchase history, create repeat orders, collect points and much more.  The list just goes on.